Long time I haven’t post to this account since I was in Germany last month. I back to Japan the end of January and one week later, I left my apartment and moved to this beautiful snow village;Showa, to learn how to make super fine yarn for weaving.


Fortunately I met Showa people in Tokyo the other day and I traveled by train and a car drive to get here. The scenery was like this when I was in a car.


It’s terrible cold at night time, the inside of the room get negative 3 when I woke up, of course some bowls in the kitchen are frozen every morning. But day time when there’s the Sun, it is soooo beautiful and very bright and warm… I was a bit surprised about this. It is said the amount of the snow this year is only a half of every year, but still, I see lots of snows of which I haven’t experienced before.


Not so super sure but probably I’ll stay here till the end of March or April… many people says there’s lots of snow till the end of March and April, so I expect to experience many new things… and I wish I could share my life here with all of you guys. Actually… I can’t say loud about this but I couldn’t sleep well the first night because of the big sound of dropping snows from roof by rainning… it was scaring😂 Thank you very mush for reading.



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