This is my entry photo for the #monomad challenge. This photo is taken Siracusa,Sicily a sight seeing spot with a beautiful buildings of Duomo di Siracusa. We saw some dogs and cats around here and cats often ate fish because it is located very near from the sea, so people around here give them fish as their food.

今回も#monomad チャレンジへの投稿です。これはイタリアシシリー島のシラクサという地域で撮影しました。美しい大聖堂があり、観光客でいつも賑わっています。多くの犬や猫がいて、とくに猫たちは海が近いせいか、あちらこちらで魚を貰って食べている姿が見られました。

I took this photo of him because his looking seemed a bit sad or like human being,I don’t know whether he was just tired as a kind of “catchy dog” at this souvenir stand with lots of people come visit and say “hi” to him.


About the buildings, according to  their website;

The cathedral started out as a Greek temple, one of the oldest known Doric monuments, built at the behest of the Syracusian tyrant Gelon in the V century BCE to thank the goddess Athena for a victory over the Carthaginians at Imera in 480 BCE. You can still see the columns of the old temple, encompassed into the side walls during the Byzantine transformation of the building.

So it seems they have a history of 2400 years!





Actually I’d already posted for “Seven Day Black and White Photo Challenge” 9 month ago. Here is my previous post…

#4:Seven Day Black and White Photo Challenge/1週間白黒フォトチャレンジ・4日目

It was this March and I didn’t know about steemit yet… thanks for the people who voted to my post since such a early time 🙏🏻


#4:Seven Day Black and White Photo Challenge/1週間白黒フォトチャレンジ・4日目

3月のことですので、まだsteemitのことも全く解らず、そして日本のコミュニティの存在に気づき始めた頃だったかと思います。懐かしく思うと同時に当時からvote下さった皆さんへ感謝します 🙏🏻

Thank monochromes very much for this opportunity to let me participate in this contest, and I’d like to post some more photos to enjoy and have fun to communicate with everyone on this platform steemit 🙂


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