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Since @sho-t and @kotaro write about “a positive vision between local area and block chain technology” sometimes, I also think about this topic this year. I’ve sometimes introduced this beautiful mountain village Showa, Fukushima pref. and the reason why I’m trying to learn about this topic more is basically trying to find the possibility of connecting this village or some village in similar situations and block chain. I got some awesome photos from my friend living in Showa, so let me write about this topic with these images.

This village is located on mountain side of the Tohoku region, the population is around 1300. This village is well known with and Ramie fiber, and products from nature. This village is not so easy access from Airport nor highway. They have a issue of less population and

They have various products like baby’s breath(gypsophila), Ramie fiber, many kind of mushrooms, and brand rice etc.. This beautiful village filled with nature is not so good access from airport nor highway, since it is located mountainside as a prefectural border with Niigata Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, and Tochigi Prefecture. They have some problems such as shortage of talent, aging problem and successor shortage in industries such as agriculture. In recent years they have many experience programs to accept many immigrants from outside of this village, so we can find many young people enjoying live in the nature and many elders who are trying to welcome these young generations.


I think that development of systems applying tokens and block chains is great significance for areas with transport problems, aging problems, etc., such as remote islands and mountainous areas. One of my friend said various projects are already starting. Furthermore, I could find such an article just by little searching. There’s a small village the name is “Nishiawakura”, they created their own token to produce and sell their products to stop decreasing population and protect their wood forest.

Nishi Awakura Coin 「地域」を創る仮想通貨  西粟倉村

I read a book of which @tonpa recommended us to read, I have been interested in the author since before, and the title of this book is “the New World” in English translation, and @tonpa introduced it as “this book let us think about how to change the to Money” So I got it and tried to read it. There’s an interesting section writing about ” Thinking about the relationship between “a trust” and “a value”. I’ve already had similar ideas, but I felt like this book helped my thought a little more clearly.

I wrote an article “thinking about cash or crypto at a village of “self-sufficiency” before.At that time(3 months ago) I wasn’t so sure what it is so clearly, I mean I didn’t have detail ideas connect with village and blockchain technology. But since I’m learning about the relation between “trust or credit” and “values”, I could understand what the author write about little by little.

@sho-t, who is a Japanese Blockchain & STEEM Ambassador, once wrote about an article of “How will this society change?“, He said

“social contribution” sounds like a bit big thing, but it isn’t,
the timing that we appreciate every day, we do something,
that means we keep exchanging more and more naturally.
It is in the ecosystem with visualization and feedback.

in his article. This is totally what I felt in Showa village which I wrote, “the value” keep exchanging in this village as a beautiful ecosystem to share and  live together.

This is just my personal thought so I won’t push anyone, but I let a person know about the possibilities of the blockchain technology and local villages. He is a key person for the next generation of Showa Village who sent me these pictures. It seems he got interested in it.
A beautiful landscape and culture that leaves the original landscape of Japan such as remote islands, mountain villages, and coastal areas are facing the same situation with Showa village. As one person who is studying traditional folk culture and archiving, I’d like to keep touching with their issues and help or support, share some ideas with them if they are interested in this blockchain world as could as possible.




Nishi Awakura Coin 「地域」を創る仮想通貨  西粟倉村


以前「自給自足の村に思う「現金」と「仮想通貨」/thinking about cash or crypto at a village of “self-sufficiency”」という記事を書きました。この時はまだ勉強不足で漠然としか考えられなかったのですが、最近になって「信頼や信用」と「価値」について考え始めたところだったことも理由のひとつでしょう。

少し前には@sho-tさんが「 社会はどのように変わっていくのか?」という記事を書いておられました。この記事の中で




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1) Nishi Awakura Coin 「地域」を創る仮想通貨
2) 「新世界」 西野亮廣 2018
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