Finally I could create this post today and I feel happy about it.

I’ve been thinking about start creating some articles related on traditional “weaving” and “textiles” in these months. I’m a weaving craftsman, so I wish I could write about my weaving techniques, but as you know… “techniques” is considered as secret thing… so I’m ok but I don’t want to bother my teachers or people who is supporting me, so I’d like to start writing from what I wish to know about textiles with my own studying first. I think that it can be categorized into culture, education and journal. And since I’m studying digital archives, I wish to think about ” create good content” with various media. Also how to use these contents to the site of education and MLA (museums, libraries, archives), etc. I’d like to think about these topics by sharing with you, steemians who have different experiences.



I thought about the topics…

  • Material (silk, cotton, hemp, linen, wool etc.)
  • About material processing
  •  Weaving technology
  •  Dyeing technology
  • Types of looms and tools
  • Origin and history of the world’s textile
  • How to enjoy textiles

I have many things wish to learn and share with everyone.



  • 素材のこと(絹や木綿、麻など)
  • 素材の加工について
  • 機織りの技術
  • 染めの技術
  • 織機や道具の種類
  • 世界の織り物の産地と歴史
  • 染織品の見方


For example, This is a roots of a wild plant, and we can dye cloth to red from this. Then how is the process?



Oh by the way, what is a difference between knitting and weaving?



We have special technique of making Kimono called “Wasai”.  How we make Kimono and how to wear Kimono☺? How about your traditional costume?

「和裁」っていうけど、ただ反物を切って縫うだけなんでしょうか? いえいえ、そこにはさまざまな工夫や技が隠されています☺

I expect that steemians become interested in fabric or cloth from my post, and also I expect steemians let me learn about textiles from all over the world. When I write reports, I always try not to use too much technical term, and try to write for high school student easy to understand. It means write briefly and clearly. So if you would notice something with my writing, please let me know.


And Of cause I really appreciate you to correct my bad English. I’m truly appreciate to it!! I mean, this kind of post is also aim for brush up my English writing skills. I sometimes have opportunities talking with people from abroad about textiles, but because of my lack of knowledge of textile words, I’m not able to discuss some topics what I really want. It is very sad thing… so I’m not sure how often I can publish this kind of post, but I think it will help me to increase vocabulary numbers… so I wish to try to start this plan anyway. I’m very much looking forward to being able to discuss and share with you about all the wisdom and ingenuity of ancient people, the history that coexisted with the richness and grace of nature. Thank you for reading.


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