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Bring stalks back to home and soak clear running water as soon as possible.



Put stones carefully not to scratch stalks. Once scratched, the inside of the skin color turn to brown. Soaking is for not to dry out and helps make the skin easy to strip off.



Put stalks on the work table.



Hold the stalk a little right side of center, then push it and break the stem first.



Treat them very careful not to hurt the skin.



Then get rid of the stem from right side. Make sure inside of the fingers always toward the stem side, not skin side.



Then left hand. Do the same thing to hold with inside of fingers toward the stem side to not to make it in trouble.



Get rid of the stem in this way, then lined up these two pieces of the skin root side the right.



Soak in fresh water again.



Not to waste stems, dry them and bring them back to the yard next morning to make them a fertilizer.



This is a workspace previous car shed. We can see various ingredients and stuffs like fruit, straw, fiber, bamboo leaves for cooking, knitting or making tools on the top shelf.(to be continued)





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