I posted [a video weaving Ramie fiber](https://steemit.com/education/@yo-yo/qjmva4ub) the other day. Then what is “Ramie” like? I’d like to post with photo and would post with video next time.



This is a Ramie yard. This should be harvested from around 20th July to middle of the August. Only 20-30 days then it become too thick or go bad.



The longest one is over 2 meters(6-7 feet) high.



I think Ramie/Urtica dioica might not be so familiar plant in your country, but it is a plant that can be found anywhere in Japan or Asian countries especially river side. But this Ramie(in showa village, Fukushima pref.) is well maintained since Edo period(17-19th) at least, so the quality of the fibers are great… I think I can say this Ramie is one of the best one in all over the world. 



nettle family(Urtica dioica)

leaves are used as a herb

When I stayed in Berlin, I found similar leaves with ramie near my house. It is a bit different kind the hight is quite low compare with Ramie in Japan and which has needles, but I think we can get fiber from this plant too… I’d like to bring some tools to try to get fiber from them if I stay Berlin in summer time. Also we can find herb tea from this leaf and the name is Brennnessel tea.

ヨーロッパにも似たようなイラクサ科の植物があちこちで見られます。上の写真はベルリンで撮影したものです。ベルリンではBrennnessel teaというハーブティとして販売されています。このイラクサ科の植物はトゲがあるので気をつける必要があります。苧麻よりも背が低いのが特徴で、海外でも図鑑などで紹介されています。


Nettle family source


Cut this plant from 20 cm(7-8 inch) from the ground. *根元から20センチくらいのところで刈り取ります。*

Get rid of the leaves.


Tied up and drop it some times to the iron plate to uniform the bottom part.


This is a “product” for sell so should be cut as a length for sell. It was heavy rain day but should go and harvest them because it should be finished as soon as possible.


They divide them to 3 length, the big one is to 1m30cm(4.2feet), middle one(the best quality) to 1m15cm(3.8feet), the last one is shorter than 1m15cm.



Bring them back home carefully and soak water for a while then ged rid of stem and the outside of the skin and get fiber. (to be continued…)


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