Hi steemians! 皆さんこんにちは

So! I finally could introduce this  👀contest👀 to Jpns community,
I want to write the second one with “Kotatsu” and ” Sakura”.


Here is a previous story about “Kotatsu”


GooglyEyes No.1 “Kotatsu”/GooglyEyes No.1 コタツ


While Kotatsu enjoyed playing with the cherry tree, he didn’t notice that there was a girl “Sakura🌸” a bit older than Kotatsu watching him. But she doesn’t have a mouse like Kotatsu, so she couldn’t let him know she was there.



He tried to explore the park to find something interesting. Then he found a sweet yellow Dandelion🌼 around there, so he enjoyed the smell them and … lay down for a while.



Then he moved to a sandbox. There is some colorful stuff so he tried to put the red one on his head. This looks nice on him. But then he doesn’t look “Kotatsu” anymore we should call him “Kani- kun🦀” it means crab🦀 in Japanese.


Then Kani-kun🦀 found a yellow one next. so tried to put it on his head. Oh! He seems like “Sakana-kun” now!! “Sakana” means fish in Japanese, and [“Sakana-kun](http://www.sakanakun.com/profile/)” is a very famous Japanese guy who loves fish since he was a kid, and now he is a professor at a university in Japan.




So… Kani-kun🦀 went back home and Sakana-kun🐠 started explore to next fun place. And “Sakura” Just watching them and say “bye” to them silently.



the end / おわり

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