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How are you all? ¿Como estas todos?

I haven’t posted #googlyeyes a few months, but when I see some funny post with the tag of #googlyeyes and see @dustbunny running around in these days, I noticed that I’m a big fun of @googlyeyes. I thank @fraenk very much who manage this super fun contest in steem world. They make me smile anytime.
So… here is my post again, I introduced about “Denki” last time, so I’d like to let you know about “Radio” and his family today. Radio is a father’s side cousin of Denki.

以前「デンキ」くんを紹介してからその家族をご紹介するのを忘れていました。@googlyeyesからご無沙汰してましたけど、いろんな人の投稿を見ているとやっぱり楽しいなぁと思うので、また目玉👀を持ち歩いて遊んでみたいと思います。この楽しいコンテストを運営して下さっている @fraenkさん、ありがとうございます。さて、今日ご紹介するのはデンキくんの従兄弟の「ラジオくん」一家です。


One autumn holiday, Radio’s elder brother asked Radio.
“Why your name is Radio?”



”Oh yeah, I also wondering why!”
It seems Radio’s younger brother “closetowl” also wondering about his name.



Well…,I think I’ve never heard about it also.
His sister also says like that.



Then their father “Daikoku-bashira(the central pillar:means like breadwinner in Jpns)” says to them

“That’s because Radio is Radio. ok… Let me show you”



Then he open his stomach with slide the door.



“Oh yes, Radio is Radio! haha😁”



Their mother is just watching her family talking with a big smile like the Sun.



🍁the end / おわり🍁


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