I took this at North part of Germany. As you know lavender keep swinging so I took number of photos before this shot. I love lavender and lavender oil very much… And when we touch these flowers, our fingers smell like lavender. I sometimes pick them if possible, and use them instead of bath oil.



this is the another shot… not so good… swinging!
I had more terrible photos but unfortunately I’ve already deleted them.

これはもう1枚別の写真ですが… やっぱり揺れています。もっとイケてない写真があったんですが、もう削除してしまったみたいで残念です。


Well, I don’t remember why I took this shot, but just want to show you how is this garden is…there’s more flowers and trees, and there’s a spa left side of this place.



There’s a beautiful lake in front of this garden, so some people living around here jump into the lake after Finnish spa. I can’t follow them at all so I just slowly into small pull inside of this hotel. jaaa…

Thank you very much for reading… Happy Sunday!


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