I took these photos at Nara park, Japan of which very famous with lots of deers. But also we can enjoy cherry trees in spring time and colored leaves in autumn like this.


Since Nara park is quite big, not so many people know about this area. This Ginkgo tree is at east part of this park and this area once was a part of Todaiji-temple. There was a big Pagoda which was around 100 meters high in Nara period/8 AD.Unfortunately it is said was burned with war and thunderbolt until 14th century.

East pagoda ruins of Todaiji-temple




you can see foundation or stair ruins in this photo.


A lot of ancient history fans have visited and are eagerly asking questions. Some people visit this place from Tokyo or all over Japan when a general briefing session is held at this place once a year.


I couldn’t find any information about how old these Ginkgo trees, but I feel like these are here instead of huge ancient Pagoda…


I wish you would enjoy these “yellows” with a little history 🙂  Thank you for reading!


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