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I sometimes visit Berlin, Kreuzberg which is well known as a classic buildings around 1890-1900.
Berlin is a big international city in these years especially it’s a city open to artist. So while I stay in Berlin, I enjoy talking with friends who are from all over the world… Spain, Italy, France, Finland, India, China, Korea, Austraria… US, and Mexico. Yes, it is very international city.



But also Berlin is filled with greens and there’s many beautiful parks, so it’s easy to find a place to feel nature… deep breath, relax and then back to normal life is important things for us.



This is Viktoriapark located on southwest of Kreuzberg. Very quiet filled with nature and we can see man-made waterfall.




It’s not so easy to get sun in Berlin because it is always cloudy especially day time, So once we feel it is a valuable sunny day, Berliners hang out to have a seat at some cafe with a table of outside or just sit a bench at a park to enjoy the sun and a chatting.



This is a bicycles we often see in Berlin. We can see so many kinds of bicycles ride with children in Berlin, sometimes a bicycle bring 4 children with small bag like this. It is very lovely to see.



After walking around a park, it’s already getting dark around 4-5pm so we often stop a Japanese Udon noodle place to enjoy warm soup called “Kitsune-Udon”. Kitsune means fox in Japanese, the name is from the looking of fried tofu on the noodle. Also we enjoy hot Yuzu(kind of Citrus fruit famous in Japan) tea and Sake to keep our body warm. Thank you very much for reading this 🙂

やっぱり冷えた身体にはキツネうどんですよね^^ ちょうどいい場所にある和食のカジュアルレストランcocoroでホッと一息。ゆず茶と日本酒が身体に沁みます。読んで戴いてありがとうございました.

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