We still can see this type of classic stores in Berlin. This is a button shop near my house in Berlin. We can see almost all types of buttons in this store, I sometimes stop here to get some buttons for shirts or coat, I didn’t expect I can speak English to them(elderly staffs there) but they speak English well and even sometimes talk to me a little Japanese… it is surprising. Unfortunately this is small store so I don’t feel ok to take photos inside so just introduce this lovely store with some photos from outside.


Yes, this is a button shop but they sell many stuff not only buttons but string, fastener, bags and accessories. If they don’t have a couple of same buttons, they sell it only 50 cents per 1, so I sometimes pick some cute one for my hobby work :-). I think these are good for Japanese Kimono belt accessories too. It seems it is not easy to get same kind anymore, so if buttons here are sold out, then they are not able to replenish another stock.


Have you seen this kind of fruits/vegetables?(sorry for bad photo)  The old guy told me this is very rare, and it is vegetable stone. The name here is “Stein Nüsse” as you can guess, it means “stone nuts”. I checked about this one and it seems it’s one of a fruits of Palm tree… He recommended me to get one, and I’m a bit curious so got some. So I wish to make something with this some day… but seems we need to use fine saw or hummer to cut this^^;


They also sell postcards or coasters.


We can see more stuff inside of display space, but I think these are just decorations…  It seems they had more space for handicraft or sewing once before.


And they have another display with “world button book” in Japanese. I was a bit surprised and feel like want to get it, but it is written in Japanese means I might get one in Japan so I didn’t… This is great book with buttons from all over the world.


This is small store and seems they are often closed, but they have a little information on shutters, they only open

  Tuesday andFriday 9:00-18:00
  Wednesday and Thursday 14:00-18:00

This store is located on main street, but everytime they are opened, some customer there and I can see everyone enjoy chatting with staffs. I love this store very much… and I wish I could go there more often and wish them to keep their business for a long time.




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