At first I saw this theme, I wondered of which city I would write about Berlin or NYC. But I have Berlin photos more than NYC, so I’d like to write about Berlin this time 🙂

今週のテーマはFROM THE WINDOWとのことなので「窓からみた景色」とさせて戴きました。このコンテストは23日(火)の夜の22:30(日本時間)まで受け付けられますので、もし興味があるかたは”citystory”のタグをつけて参加してみてください^^


There is basically no lace curtain like Japanese one, so I can see the person who live in front of the apartment. To be able to see there from here means they also able to see me from there. Just after I started live in Berlin I was very shy about it, but I started getting use to this situation so sometimes I say hi! to my neighborhoods while they are smoking at the balcony.



There are some apartments with rooms like the attic, but many old buildings don’t have elevator in general. It seems young guys are borrowing the cheaper rooms on the upper floor, they go up and down stairs with a rough breath everyday.
When a new building is going to construct in Berlin, it should be “following existing townscapes” and the height of the building and the wall line (aligning the side of the roadside) are decided as items to be protected. I think most of those buildings have semi-underground floor and five floors from the ground.


Renovation is taking place here and there in Berlin. Depending on the district, we can see old buildings since around in 1890 erected. In Berlin the population has increased dramatically in the late 1800s because of industrialisation, it seems this is the background that apartments were built one after another at that era.
The inside of these old buildings (which are said to be Altobau) are renovated with modern facilities in stead of that old looking.The inside is refurbished nicely, especially spa with pool and sauna or sports gyms or relaxation room. It is interesting to see.



This is an area of western Berlin, Charlottenburg. Rarely sunny days. It seems there’s a tendency it becomes sunny from afternoon, but will cloudy very soon like till 4pm. As I said above, as the height and the wall line are aligned, it is said that “Berlin has a big sky”. Well… if it is always clear up without any clouds like this photo, then it would be great… haha…



Let me introduce window surroundings. Inside of the room is always dark because of weather and also everyone prefer to use indirect lighting,so we need to put plants near the windows.
Berliners enjoy glow up some flowers and herbs potted plants like mint, oregano, basil and so on. We can buy potted plant basil easily at grocery supermarket and it is cheap. It is common to throw away the pot itself after finished all leaves use for pasta etc., and buy the next pot.



Flowers and some sprouts. Flowers are for enjoy to see it, but sprouts are for salad. It is okay to put it outside the window during the summer, but after autumn, we need to put them inside of the window not to freeze them.



A window seen from the outside. It is not so common in Berlin having a shutter like this. This is also a building around 1900, but it was reworked the outer wall several years ago and it became a white and beautiful building again.

外から見た窓。この建物は珍しく雨戸のようなシャッターがあります。半1階みたいな場所なので特別かな? これも1900年頃の建物ですが、数年前に外壁の塗り直しがされてまた白く美しい建物になりました。


Everyone enjoy decorating around windows themselves. This apartment has a double window, there is space of about 10 cm between the inside and the outside. Is this one of countermeasures against cold I guess?


Berlin is famous as a city with many street trees. When the leaves fall in the autumn, the men who get on the crane truck do maintenance like cut big branch. They do work quite good and they clean up after they finish. It is said German and Japanese has some similarity especially the way of working, and I feel that something like this is similar to the diligence of workers in Japan.


and… every new year’s eve to new year’s day, we see some people enjoy small fireworks from windows or even in the bar, but better not to follow them 😛 thank you very much for reading!

最後に…お正月には窓から、そしてBarの室内で線香花火を楽しむ人もいますが…マネはしないようにいたしましょうmm  読んでいただいてありがとうございました^^

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